Summer Holidays 2018


Christmas Ceramics – Tuesday 18th

Get into the Christmas spirit with a day of clay and carols. The kids will make gift tags, tree decorations, table decorations and a wreath for the wall. They will learn clay techniques such as joining, slab work, cutting and shaping. All will made with air drying clay, so you can take it home on the day.

Mixed Media Canvas- Wednesday 19th

The kids will learn to create many different textures and layers as they work on a mixed media canvas panel. They will try rubbing, scratching, printing, collage and painting. They will work with various media including oil pastels, chalk pastels, watercolours and acrylic. They will also use collage materials such as cardboard, magazines, plastics and found objects. This workshop will focus on experimentation and persistence as the children work and rework their canvas to create a rich and layered artwork.

Skateboard Deck Painting- Thursday 20th

The kids will become graphic designers and painters in this workshop. We’ll look at example skateboard deck designs and they will plan and sketch their ideas. Next, they will sand their boards ready for prepping and painting. Using a combination of acrylic paint and paint markers the children will take time to produce work that is detailed. This workshop focuses on design elements, patience and being rad.


This month each workshop will focus on the work of a different artist. There are a mix of artists to choose from. Some are alive, some are local, some are more famous than others. We will look at the artist’s story and work over time. We’ll analyse their individual style and technique. The kids will have a go at creating their own artwork inspired by the artist of the day on a canvas panel.

Yayoi Kusama- Tuesday 8th

Yayoi Kusama is a Japanese artist who works boldly with colour and pattern. Her paintings are very detailed and expressive. The children in this workshop will explore colour, line and pattern as they spend time on their canvas adding detail after to detail to produce an effective and intricate painting.


Basquiat-Wednesday 9th

Basquiat’s work is layered, colourful and very expressive. His paintings often depict meaningful symbols from his childhood. In this workshop the kids will work boldly with lots of colour to create a composition that is balanced, full of symbolism and is reworked many times. They’ll learn to fill their canvas with texture and interest as they build their layers with bold colour and line.

Faye Moorhouse- Tuesday 15th

Faye Moorhouse is an English illustrator who loves to paint animals. Her work is full of personality and style. During this workshop the children will study her work and the way she conveys the uniqueness of each animal she paints. The children will have a go at producing an animal portrait in watercolour that they work on throughout the day adding more and more detail as they look closely at their furry or feathery subject.

Banksy- Wednesday 16th

Banksy is a street artist who makes strong social commentary. During this workshop the kids will think deeply about the concept of ‘art with a message’ and come up with an artwork representing a cause or comment close to their hearts. Acknowledging that children are interested in their world around them but often don’t have the opportunity to express their view, this workshop will  give them the tools to have a go in powerful way.

Laura Jones- Tuesday 22nd

Laura Jones is a Sydney painter known for her rich still life paintings of flowers. Her work is expressive and conveys her love of nature and eye for detail. In this workshop the children will paint a still life of a floral arrangement. They will learn to sketch, paint, shade and look closely as they spend the day focused on the beauty in small things.

James Ettelson- Wednesday 23rd

James Ettelson is a Sydney artist who uses dot work, bright colours and ideas of mapping to produce tapestry like paintings. The kids in this workshop will work with maps of their neighbourhoods as a base and have a go at using lots of line and pattern work to produce a canvas panel. They will work in layers of colour and pattern using a combination of acrylic paint and paint markers to represent their homes in a unique visual way.

9am- 3pm.

$110 for the day including GST.

Kids just need to wear old threads and bring their tucker.

Places are limited for these workshops.

Give me a buzz 0412 318 666.