December Christmas Workshops Extravaganza!

Wed 15th– Christmas Nature Sculpture (Wreaths, decorations)

This workshop will focus on making Christmas wreaths. You will design your wreath using natural materials and thinking about composition, colour and balance. You will also use natural materials to make decorations for your tree and table.

Thurs 16th– Christmas Paper Craft (Wrapping paper, gift tags, cards)

Smiggle eat your heart out! In this workshop you will print your own Christmas wrapping paper, design your own gift tags to match and make a set of Christmas cards.

Friday 17th– Christmas Ceramics (Tree decorations, tabletop decorations)

In this workshop you will use white air-drying clay to make tree decorations experimenting with stamping using natural materials and fabrics. You will also make table-top decorations working with slabs of clay to create different 3D shapes.

January Printmakers Workshops

Wed 12th– Andrea Lauren Workshop (Linocut Printing)

Andrea Lauren works with linocut printing to create bold works of animals and plants. You’ll look at her simple yet effective designs and come up with your own. Planning and designing in linocut is tricky! Then you will master printing and refining your work. You will collate all of your favourite prints into an artist book. (Note for parents- in this workshop the children will be use carving tools. The rubber they cut is much softer than lino so it is much easier and safer than I remember from school. If you are concerned about your child using the tools, this activity may not be appropriate until they are a bit older)

Thurs 13th– John Wolseley Workshop (Nature Printing)

John Wolseley uses natural materials to create prints. He stamps them, paints the negative space around them, draws them, stamps them and then draws again. In this workshop you will be working with materials we find around the art room, some I bring from the beach near my place or some you bring from home to get experimental and playful. This workshop is about layering and looking at details, patterns and composition. You will collate all of your favourite prints into an artist book.

Fri 14th– Hannah Klaus Workshop (Mono-printing)

Hannah Klaus works with a printing plate (we will use a gel press) to create her colourful botanical prints. She focuses on shape, space and colour to maximise the beauty in every layer of her work. In this workshop you will learn to monoprint using a gel press and create many many prints using a variety of materials, some natural, some manmade and some prints can simply be your carving and drawing. You will collate all of your favourite prints into an artist book.

January Painters Workshops

Wed 19th– Kaylene Whiskey Workshop (Portrait Painting)

Kaylene is an artist from a remote Aboriginal community in South Australia. She paints her portraits using a unique style which is known for its strong colour. In this workshop we will study her portraits and look at what she has chosen to include in every artwork. You will photos of a person to paint and you will think carefully about what they will wear, how they will sit or stand, where they will be and what will surround them.

Thurs 20th– Idris Murphy Workshop (Landscape Painting)

Idris Murphy is an artist from Sydney who is famous for painting the Australian landscape. He is known for his brave use of colour. In this workshop you will learn to see like Idris Murphy who looks at the land, trees, water and sky with deep focus and an eye for detail. You will learn about foreground, middle ground, background, the horizon and composition.

Fri 21st– Helen McCullagh Workshop (Still Life Painting)

Helen McCullagh is an artist who paints the things around her. She loves to play with colour in her work. She paints flowers, fruit, food, vases or furniture as she considers composition, pattern and colour. In this workshop you will have a go at painting a still life artwork. You will sketch and take your time to study what is in front of you. You will work slowing to build your canvas to create a bright and vibrant artwork like Helen’s.

9am- 3pm.

$100 (bank transfer after booking).

Kids just need to wear old threads and bring their tucker.

All workshops are for primary aged kids.

Places are limited for these workshops.

Give me a buzz 0412 318 666.