Summer Holiday Workshops 2020/2021


Mon 14th– Skate Deck Design

The kids will design and paint their own skateboard deck. Looking at a variety of styles as inspiration they will sketch, paint, add layers and details to bring their designs to life. The decks can he hung on bedroom walls or can be skated on with a visit to the local skate shop.

Wed 16th– Paper Bird Sculptures

Kids will choose their favourite bird and create a paper sculpture. They will think in 3D shapes to create a base and then get very messy layering on paper feathers from feet to beak. They will focus on the details of the bird’s eyes, beak and especially the feathers to create the most realistic look they can. With patience and an eye for detail the results can be quite amazing!

Fri 18th– Crazy Plant Sculptures

Get creative and weird with this one! Kids use a combination of foil and plaster to create a pot plant only dreams are made of. Inspired by the artists that make up Chioazza and their crazy plant sculptures, kids design their own with unique shapes, patterns and colours in mind. After sculpting, the plants are painted and 3D details such as leaves, seed pods, berries or thorns are added.


Mon 11th– Hand Sewing Beginners

If your child has shown an interest in hand sewing or is a beginner, this workshop is perfect. This workshop is about taking our time to learn about making patterns,  learning to thread needles, learning running stitch, blanket stitch and sewing on buttons. The kids will make a bookmark, wallet and keyring during the day. They can design and personalise their creations in any way they like by sewing on letters, buttons or beads.

Wed 13th– Sewing a Creature

Kids design and sew their own ‘softie’ (simple soft toy) using felt and/or fabric. The full day gives them plenty of time to design, make their pattern, cut, sew, stuff and add decorations. As long as their design is simple they are free to make animals, monsters, food or even a self-portrait!

Fri 15th– Clay Creatures

The kids are only limited by their imaginations with this one. We spend time on designing a new creature, thinking about its features, habitat and diet and how this information is represented in their design. They sculpt with air drying clay and then paint and add further details out of separate materials such as paper or fabric for wings or wood for spikes.

Mon 18th– Clay Bookends

Kids first look at inspiration of kooky bookends and then come up with a design that would suit their room or home. Making first the air drying clay sculpture as one piece, then cutting it in half, they paint and add any details they need.

Wed 20th– Clay Vases

Using air drying clay the kids design their own dried flower/paper flower vase. They look at inspiration and consider shape and size. They then learn four clay techniques and decide which would suit their vision best. They sculpt and then paint if they choose.

Fri 22nd– Clay Masks

The kids create a clay face portrait that can be hung on their wall at home. Working in 3D they take their time with each element to learn about spacing and sculpting them to look as realistic as possible; making the eyes, eyebrows, nose, mouth, ears, hair and any additional accessories.

9am- 3pm.

$100 (bank transfer after booking).

Kids just need to wear old threads and bring their tucker.

All workshops are for any primary aged kids.

Places are limited for these workshops.

Give me a buzz 0412 318 666.