The studio is open Monday to Friday 3.00pm-5.30pm. Children will arrive at the studio anytime after school 3.00pm.

As the sessions aren’t structured classes , children can be dropped off and picked up anytime that suits your family. If children are being collected after 5:30pm you will need to arrange this with me in advance. All children will need to be signed out upon departure.

A typical afternoon at Kids Art Studio

Upon arrival, children will be marked off on the roll. We’ll have afternoon tea together (fruit, veg, rice crackers, other healthy bits etc) and have a production meeting. During the meeting each artist will discuss what they would like to work on for the afternoon and trouble shoot any problems they may have.


The age of the child will be considered but all artists will be expected to have ideas, opinions and objectives and to follow through with their projects gaining lessons in persistence, resilience and success. The kids work independently with my support during each session. They are in charge of their direction, the materials they need me to source and keeping their materials and project organised once it’s on the go. Each child has their own pigeonhole in which they keep their inspiration and ideas sketch book and all their materials. Everything they need will be here in the studio and stay here when they leave.



Over the course of the term children are expected to work towards artworks to be featured in an exhibition in which they can invite their friends and family. Depending on their personality, attendance and working style, the children may create one or many artworks.

Please let me know if you have any questions. In fact, let me say this….I’m hoping to build a close relationship with you, the parents and caregivers. I want to openly acknowledge that although I’m confident working with the kids, the business side of things is new for me so please if you have ideas or recommendations don’t be shy. I’d love for this space to be community friendly and for us to openly communicate about everything from procedure to pedagogy to payment so that we can make things run smoothly and happily and both you and I can offer more to the kids who come and get their creative on!

More heart, more art!!!